Q- I would like a COSSH Sheet for Dethlac®, (Material Safety Data Sheet) are you able to provide one?
Yes, Please click here to view and print, alternatively please email us (sales@dethlac.com) and we will forward it to you.

Q- I have purchased Dethlac® for over 30 years at Wilko. Please confirm if they will stock it this year?
We are delighted that Wilko will be stocking Dethlac® this year.

Q- My friend said Dethlac® is now available in B&Q, is this correct?
Yes, Dethlac® can be found in the Gardening section 

Q- What is the Dethlac® Barcode Number?
Product: Dethlac® Insecticidal Lacquer, Barcode: 5 014009 022616

Q- I have some very old Dethlac® in the garage, is it still safe to use?
No. As with most aerosols, Dethlac® has a shelf life of two years. Expiry date is at the base of the can.

Q- How does Dethlac® work and how will it keep ants and insects out of the kitchen?
Dethlac® is a lacquer, containing the insecticides Deltamethrin and Natural Pyrethrum, which dries to a hard clear film after a few minutes. Dethlac should be sprayed where the ants appear in the kitchen (please read directions, as it should not be sprayed onto any food preparing surfaces). The ants crawl over the lacquer, carry it back to the nest and your kitchen should be free of ants.

Q-How far away do you need to be when spraying Dethlac® on a doorstep for example?
Spray 15-23 cm (6-9 inches) directly at surface, in bands of 8-15 cm (3-6 inches) wide.

Q- Will I need to wear a mask when using Dethlac®?
It is not a requirement to wear a mask, but as directed on the can: Do not breathe the spray mist.

Q- Where do I throw the empty Dethlac® container away?
The aerosol should be disposed of in a safe way, the same way as you would dispose any other aerosol.

Q- How do I know if Dethlac® is working, what difference will I see?
The ants will have gone!

Q- Will Dethlac® have any effect on fish?
Yes the insecticides in Dethlac® are toxic to fish. Remove or cover fish tanks, bowls and aquaria before application.

Q-What happens if my children or pets go near the Dethlac®-treated area?
It is perfectly safe once the spray is dry, which is normally within a few minutes. However, we would recommend that children and pets are kept away whilst spraying.

Q- Does Dethlac® smell?
Hardly at all.

Q-In what stores is Dethlac® available?
Please see our stockists page for a list of Dethlac® stockists or use the 'online ordering' link to order straight away.

Q- I have sprayed Dethlac® on my kitchen worktop by mistake, how do I remove it?
To remove Dethlac, you can use Methylated Spirit, IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) or Baking Soda (mix 1 part to 9 parts of quite hot water). Please always try a small patch first in case of discolouration. Wash over with warm/hot soapy water afterwards.

Q- May I use Dethlac® in my kitchen and in the garden?
Yes Dethlac® may be used indoors and outdoors. It will not be affected by the rain and will remain effective even when the kitchen floor is washed. Dethlac® is not a space spray (e.g. for the control of flying insect pests) and is also not designed to be sprayed on plants, soil or grass; but on any firm non-absorbent surface.

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